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Help the business articulate their complex offering and elevate their identity from boring corporate to bad-ass.

The Challenge

The business was struggling to articulate what they actually offered. I’m not exaggerating when I say it took us at least 5 face-to-face meetings and a geeky translator (Gav) before we felt we had a handle on it! The complexity of their offering had led to rational complex communication that was unclear and uninspiring.

The Strategy

I love acronyms… said no-one ever!

It was time to throw out the acronyms, the marketing jargon, the tech speak and replace it with clear, compelling, plain language that promoted the emotional benefits to their customers.

Plus they needed a brand that defied the ‘norms’ and stood out in the corporate world. Who says corporate brands need to be blue? Who says corporate brands need to play it safe and use stock imagery?

The creative inspiration: Alkhemy (derived from Alchemy); the magical process of transformation or creation, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold.