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Take a 30 year old pioneering business and make it relevant in today’s changing landscape.

The Challenge

As a pioneer of wall finishes in Australia, John Bishop had always maintained a great reputation for expertise & quality. But the Bishop Décor Brand had dated and lost relevance in the category.

They needed their brand to work harder for them and regain their footing as leaders in the market.

The Strategy

The Bishop Décor brand was feeling tired and dated. It needed to be brought into the 21st Century Stat! First, we helped redefine their audience from home owners to Architects & Interior Designers.

Next, we set about re-positioning Bishop Décor as Bishop Master Finishes, an ownable positioning that better articulates their offering and their expertise.

John Bishop
”When we first started out, we pulled together a logo and a website on the sniff of an oily rag. It got us by for a while. But a re-brand was long overdue.”
John Bishop
Founding Director
Can you tell me your name and what you do for work?I’m John Bishop, Founding Director of Bishop Master Finishes.
How did you first become interested in decorative wall finishes?I’ve been interested in decorative arts throughout my whole life, especially contemporary interiors and the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa who started a movement of stucco plaster finishes during the 70s in Italy.
What has been the most challenging part of your business journey so far?We were contracted by Village Roadshow to apply our finishes throughout Australia and Asia . Controlling the business here and abroad was challenging.
What has been the most rewarding part?That we have stuck to our guns and only wanted to apply high quality finishes which have established us as a leader in our field of decorative plaster and painted finishes.
Tell us about the Bishop Brand and how it came to be?Our brand has always been involved in new quality surface finishes that seemed to always attract the most creative designers and we have just grown from that theory. We are known as a leader in Australia of these finishes and after 30 years we are proud of the fact that our finishes are so still so popular.
How did Solid help you on your journey?I’ve been in business now for 30 years and I’ve always loved working with designers to push the boundaries and create new finishes. But my ‘brand' hadn’t kept up with our growth and didn’t reflect the pioneering work that we currently do.

When we started out, we’d pulled together a logo and a website on the sniff of an oily rag. And it got us by for awhile. But a re-brand was long overdue.Solid guided us through the Branding Process and elevated our brand from ‘décor’ to ‘master finishes’. Our new Brand Strategy has re-energised our business and given us the clarity and focus needed to rise above the noise of our competitors.

In 3 words, describe SolidTalented, Insightful, Fun

Do you think your Brand authentically represents who you are as an organisation and what you stand for?Absolutely! I’ve always innately known what drives me, but I’ve never properly articulated it to the rest of the business until now. There’s nothing more powerful than having the whole team united and working toward the same goal. I’m so proud of my team, our achievements and now our Brand. Solid have transformed our brand from dated and same-same to innovative, contemporary and sophisticated.

What do your customers think about your new Brand?They LOVE it! It has positioned us as the innovators and our clients response has been overwhelming.

What impact has the re-brand had on your business?Not only has it generated more leads, but the quality of the leads has vastly improved. Sales have increased but more importantly, we are doing more of the innovative work we LOVE.

What work are you most proud of?We recently completed the new hotel development at MONA in Tasmania. You don’t get any more progressive than that!

What inspires you?Most of our clients are Australia’s leading Architects & Designers. I am inspired by their designs. We aim to create contemporary wall finishes that will bring their visions to life.We are always travelling the world scouting new textures & trends for our clients.
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