In partnership with Sonar Group 
The Work
Helping one of Australia's retail giants connect with their most valuable customers: small business owners.

The Challenge

Workwise' as a content platform had been generating content for some time as an extension of their brand platform 'Helping you do business', however the site UX was letting the team down. Visitors were turning away, unable to appreciate the depth, breadth and variety of content on offer. Our challenge was to quickly guide visitors to find content they'd find both relevant and inspiring!

The Design

We worked closely with Officeworks and Sonar Group to completely rethink the structure and presentation of content. A news-feed style layout allows a large variety of articles to be exposed, each grouped into meaningful categories that the user can dive into if they wish. We're particularly proud of managing to develop a UI design that is familiar to the Officeworks masterbrand, without coming across as too retail.